Top 3 things to see in Atlanta

Unlike cities like New York which have a long list of things to see, Atlanta is smaller city with limited tourist attractions. If you are in town for a day or two, below places are worth checking out. All of these are located close to each other so you can simply walk from one to the other.


Georgia Aquarium

  • This is one of the largest aquariums in the world and is definitely worth visiting. They have whale sharks, beluga whales, dolphins, penguins and various sea creatures. Ticket costs around USD 40+ per person. But they offer discounted options on their website based on time you visit and advance booking – so do check out the website (


  • Apart from gazing at the majestic whales, you can walk through the underground tunnel, watch a 4D movie and peep into a penguin habitat!


  • Spend atleast half a day to check out the various enclosures and see a few shows. Plan your day based on show timings – displayed in central atrium. SS Tip:Try not to miss the outstanding Dolphin show. If you are into animals, then you can consider a trip to Atlanta Zoo too…


Coca Cola Museum

  • Right opposite Aquarium, is this museum dedicated to the famous aerated drink first manufactured right here in Atlanta! Ticket costs USD 17 per person.
  • You are welcomed with a can of your favorite drink. They your guide takes you through a short tour showing memorabilia and a short film.


  • You can explore the vault where the secret formula is kept and the museum showing the growth of the company across various countries.


  • The best part is in the end where you can taste the 40+ drinks owned by the company. These are grouped based on continents and have an amazing collection including fruit based options. If this isn’t enough, they have a kiosk to checkout all the flavors they offer!


  • Factor in 1-2 hours for this and just check it our purely for the novelty factor!


CNN Studio Tour

  • They offer a 50 minutes guided tour for USD 15 per person. They even have a VIP tour for USD 33 which includes expanded access to control room and studios (SS Tip: Not worth it!). They take you behind the scenes in CNN headquarters and explain how a live broadcast is produced. It is quite informative but don’t expect to see live shows or anchors.
  • The tour starts with a long escalator ride up to the studios. In a mock-studio, you can check-out how the weather broadcasting is done with a green screen and teleprompter.


  • Factor in 1-2 hours for the trip. Last tour starts at 5 pm. Buy the tickets in advance and be sure to arrive in time for your tour.

SS Tip: While in the neighborhood, check out the Fountain of Rings in Olympic park and the SkyView Ferris Wheel at night.



  • Metro: We used the Breeze card (initial cost of USD 2) to travel to the above places and airport. Cost per ride is USD 2.5 if you have MARTA card and USD 3.5 if you pay by cash. Based on travel plans, you can consider buying a day pass too. Alternatively, just take an uber!
  • City Pass: If you have more time and wish to check out other attractions like Zoo or College Football Hall of Fame or Fernbank Museum of Natural History, then consider buying the Atlanta Pass to save some money – costs around USD 76 for 5 attractions (including top 3 above). If you have more time to spare, consider taking a trip down to Airport area to see the Delta Museum.

One thought on “Top 3 things to see in Atlanta

  1. This is very informative! I am exploring Atlanta in just over three weeks. Good tip about the CNN VIP tour; since time is limited I onyl want to check out the things that are truly worth seeing.


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