About Me


A finance executive with full-time job and love for travel!

I have been travelling internationally since 2009 for work and leisure and visited various countries across continents (Antartica is still pending !).

Getting time off is not easy (contrary to popular belief of people who follow my travel tales). Add in the fact that vacations are not straightforward or cheap. So I make it a habit of planning my holidays well in advance. I spend considerable time researching and end up having folders and excel files with details like hotels, tourist spots, budgets, etc! While I write a lot of reviews (TripAdvisor assures me I am in Top 1%) and share photos and itineraries with family and friends, it wasn’t enough…

So after planning so many holidays on excel sheets, it was time I switched to a better format! This blog is an attempt to share my experiences with fellow travellers who are planning their next big vacation…


You can get in touch with me through:

  • Email: Suitcasesagas@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Suitcase Sagas
  • Twitter: @suitcasesagas
  • Instagram: @suitcasesagas