Asia, the largest continent, is unique. Some countries are so similar and some regions are so diverse.

From a travel perspective, Asia can be split primarily into

  • South East Asia (China and neighbouring regions)
  • South Asia (India and neighbouring countries)
  • Middle East
  • Russia (not much to explore in Asian side though!)

While my roots are from India, of which I have seen my fair share, there are still many magical places I need to see in Incredible India

South East Asia comprises a long list of countries (China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to name a few). If you believe they are all similar, you would not be the first to make that error! Truth is each country has its very distinct culture and history. Every country you visit presents a unique experience – so keep your mind open when you plan a trip this side of the world!

Middle East for many means a shopping trip to Dubai (Great marketing by Dubai Shopping festival!) – but there is so much more to explore in this region (apart from the huge malls).

Link to some of my Asian Itineraries :

[Others – Coming Soon]