Asia, the largest continent, is unique. Some countries are so similar and some regions are so diverse.

From a travel perspective, Asia can be split primarily into

  • South East Asia (China and neighbouring regions)
  • South Asia (India and neighbouring countries)
  • Middle East
  • Russia (not much to explore in Asian side though!)

While my roots are from India, of which I have seen my fair share, there are still many magical places I need to see in Incredible India

South East Asia comprises of a long list of countries (China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to name a few). If you  believe they are all similar, you would not be the first to make that error ! Truth is each country has its very distinct culture and history. Every country you visit presents a unique experience – so keep your mind open when you plan a trip this side of the world!

Middle East for many means a shopping trip to Dubai (Great marketing by Dubai Shopping festival!) – but there is so much more to explore in this region (apart from the huge malls).

Link to some of my Asian Itineraries :

[Others – Coming Soon]