2 of the Top 3 largest countries by area are in North America itself. Therefore it should come as no surprise that exploring the popular USA on one trip is just potentially impossible!

I had the good fortune to have travelled to the USA thrice in one year which gave me ample opportunity to explore most of the “must-see” places in this large country

Road trips are easy, cheap and convenient (and necessary in some cases)  – hire a car and set out to explore a few cities or states… take a bus to hop from one city to another… options are aplenty. However, if you are going from one coast to another – take a flight!

We did a few road trips in and around California, Florida and Wisconsin. We also covered the typical touristy spots in Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC …

There are still more places to visit in the USA and beyond…

Link to some of my American Itineraries:

[Others – Coming Soon]