Why Suitcase Sagas?

Its Jan 2017 and time for new year resolutions…  Unlike ‘tiring and sad’ resolutions like eat healthy / lose weight, this time I decided to pursue something I love and enjoy…

2016 has been a great year for travel with trips across India, UK and Japan… Sharing itineraries, posting pictures, discussing places  – its like reliving the holiday ! So I really felt the need to put down my experiences in a format which is detailed and easy to share. As I myself rely so much on online reviews and blogs, starting a blog seemed like the best way to do it…

Before every trip, I always end up having an argument with my cute husband about the amount of stuff to take on the trip. I want to carry enough clothes and food and books and shoes and everything… I have my long packing list which keeps on increasing in length with each trip…

So for every trip (no matter the length or location), I end up having my laptop bag (can’t get away from work) and one large suitcase with all my things. Our suitcases (not so light in my case) have been dragged across streets, fitted into cars, carried onto trains, rolled into cruises and checked-in for flights (fortunately we never had to pay  for excess luggage)! Our suitcases have travelled across the world from Australia to America…

When we book hotels or B&Bs, I make it a point to check for things like how far is it from the metro station, do we need to climb stairs to reach our room and is there enough space for big bags (must check if visiting places like Japan or Hong Kong)… These play a major part in the booking process !

My suitcase has everything I need and (always) some stuff which I don’t end up using on the trip 🙂 But isn’t it better to be prepared ?

So no wonder my husband suggested the name, ‘Suitcase Sagas‘ for the blog !

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